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Crédit Yamaska

Our rates

By contracting a loan with Crédit Yamaska, you agree to repay the following amounts:

  • The net capital
  • Annual Interest Rate (APR)

    Crédit Yamaska offers personal loans at rates ranging from 15.47% to 32% annually, varying according to the client's record. Other amounts may be add to the borrowed capital. This amount will be be remitted, in whole or in part, to an agent or an independent broker used by the client.

    Loan can be reimburse between 3 months

    Example of a rebate for a $ 500 loan: 12 payments of $ 62.50, for a total of $ 750.
    Loans can be repaid over a period of 3 to 6 months
    This example is for illustrative purposes only and may vary according to the agreement signed with a broker, agent or agent.

  • For a returned payment, fees of $40.00 will be added
  • For a postponed payment, fees of $25.00 will be added
  • In case of default, the file is transferred to the recovery department
  • Payment may vary by lender, the loan amount and loan length


Recovery department

  • The recovery department will contact you in the event of default, to make a payment arrangement.
  • Any legal expenses incurred to recover the debt will be increased at the expense of the borrower.


If you use the short-term loan for a financial emergency, that may be a good solution for you. However, we recommend to make representations at your financial institution, their interest rates are lower. Please be responsible.