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Crédit Yamaska

Eligibility criteria :

  • Be 18 years old and over;
  • Have a steady job with a 4 month experience.
  • Be paid by direct deposit;
  • Work in the province of Quebec;
  • Not being under an undischarged bankruptcy or a unsatisfied consumer proposal or about to be;

What you must send for your first application:

  • Bank statement of the last 4 weeks;
  • Last pay stub;
  • A copy of an identity card with picture: health insurance card, driving license, passport;
  • A void check or a debit authorization form from your financial institution;
  • Application form duly completed.

To submit your application:

  • By Phone : 1-877-534-1999
  • By Fax : 1-877-652-1998
  • On our free mobile App
  • By email :
  • Online Application


It is that simple. After getting your first loan, you will not have to send a new application everytime!