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Crédit Yamaska

Responsible loan granting policy

We are responsible for the loans granted, which means that we must ensure that they are suitable for your personal situation and your needs. First of all, the admission criteria’s, such as minimum income needed have been established to ensure that you have enough money to not only make the payments, but mainly to continue living. Bigger payments would in no case be beneficial for you. On the opposite, you would be unable to make the payments.

 It is important for us to clearly identify your current situation so that the loan helps you solve your problems, not add more.

Everyone has its own reason when they apply for a loan, but affecting negativelytheir credit is not one. Let us help you so that it does not happen.

This same policy is also illustrated by a transparency of interest in our customers.

Unlike others, our rates include all fees that apply to loans. With us, there are no hidden fees. We believe that it is essential to have an honest relationship with our customers therefore we have nothing to hide or deceive to them.

With Credit Yamaska, granting a loan responsibly also means a guarantee of confidentiality of all your personal information.

We confirm that all your data is carefully taken care of internally and no one else has access to it.


Do not forget that you are fully responsible for any decisions made in relation to your money.